Tailored Solutions

In today’s uncertain markets, financial services providers, investment funds, banks, and other institutions are increasingly looking for ways to avoid the risks associated with standard portfolio allocations which have proven to be devastatingly inadequate to deal with the challenges and changes in today’s environment.

Smart allocation managers are recognizing that physical gold and silver bullion are real assets with excellent liquidity properties, which provide an absolute diversification component to a portfolio.

Finding a single institution which can service all aspects of this complex trade, from acquisition, to transport, vaulting, and ultimately liquidation, while at the same time avoiding the risk of correlation to financial systems has been a challenge.

Until today!

AFECC draws on more than two decades of experience and strategic relationships working with a stable of world leading services providers.

AFECC is able to perform a detailed assessment of your needs, and apply our deep experience in the industry to formulate a turn-key solution that will provide your institution a streamlined experience which satisfies your particular requirements, which can include all or some of the following:

  • “Good Delivery” Gold and Silver Acquisition
  • Security Logistics Transport
  • Security Vaulting (Fully Insured)
  • Liquidation